Chasing steps

Don’t expect people to wait for you. They will always go on with their lives with or without you. They will always move forward. They will not slow down for you keep up. No,my friend you are wrong. They are just saying those things to make you feel good. But they won’t wait. They won’t stop. Walk,Run in the wilderness of life free from chasing people that won’t be there. Get out of there.Explore the world on your own. But as you grow older, from thousands of people you met, you will know few people who stopped, stayed and sticked with you on that bus ride of life. They are called friends.


Do you know that I am pissed at you? Do you know that I am about to give up on you? Do you know how much I wanted to leave you? Do you know that I cry a lot because of you? Do you know that you are giving me heart ache? Do you know that I extremely miss you? Do you know how much it pains me not seeing you everyday? Do you know that I am jealous of you? Do you know that I want to talk to you about the things that I did before the day ends?  Do you know how much I love you? That’s the problem. You don’t.

Quick stop

I am an egotistical human being. I am always afraid. I am afraid to be forgotten. I am afraid of not keeping up. I am afraid of being left out. Yet I can’t fix the things that is already there. The reality, my present as may say. I should embrace it, live in it. And I am trying to. But before I do so. I should be forgive myself. I should learn to accept things. I should forget and leave all the pain of the past behind. I should face my fears and let myself live and love with doubts and bitterness. As I look back,I must trace the steps of the things that gone wrong to correct them. I need to regain my faith back to gain what I want. I won’t worry. For my heart is now open to love myself more. And live along the trash of the past. Make believe. And have faith.


Now, what is next for me? I don’t know what is there behind the thick wonder of what is there ahead. My mind is blocked by thoughts I don’t want to think,the feelings I don’t want to feel. I need a path. I am lost. Now I put it in to words. I am looking for the traces of my steps to know the one which led me thinking this now. To absorb the things that happen. To make it my guide for being Me. The strong, driven, confident lady that was lost inside this jealous mind. I miss being me. I am lost inside me. I hope to find myself as soon as possible.


I am feeling anguish. I am frustrated too. I am not in the position to rant about this but I can’t help but feel sorry for someone who has a terrible parent. I can’t really figure out why in the world made him a father if that is the way he will treat his child? Surely it is right to discipline  your child  but  why to extent that you are making your child that he is miserable, He is a bad person when you know that He is not. Why put in to that pain and coming from you as a parent. He is not a perfect child, He made extremely bad decisions but why make him feel that He is not loved and doesn’t deserve to be. That is bull shit. I can tell that perfection is not applicable to anybody but GOD. HE alone can judge you and say if you are worthy or not. I really can’t understand the logic of this person. I really can’t understand why he is like that. My heart is broken a million times because of him. I just pray that he will change and be the father he should have. A role model. A protector and A adviser. The father that I have. I realize ho lucky I am to have my family which I love and who loves me. If he is not loved by his family, he is always welcome to mine.



No Excuses: 10 Things Good Men Will Never Do

James Michael Sama

I find lately that any time I write an article outlining certain traits of men or how we “should” or “shouldn’t” act in a relationship (I have to be careful with those words because people often accuse me of telling everyone how to act…) that I get plenty of backlash from those who disagree with what I am saying because men do not realistically act in these ways.


First thing is first – Good men do act in these ways. If you are going to put an asterisk on behavior that is to be expected from well-adjusted, emotionally stable, good men, then that is not the type of person you are dating.

Here are a few things that should make you strap on a jet pack and full throttle it in the other direction.


A good man will never pick apart your looks.

“Oh, if only your hair was a…

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Enchanted day.

We waited for this day for months and I can say it now. It is worth the wait. We saved money for this and it worth every penny. I am very happy. I know I promised him that I will sleep now but I can’t waste this extravagant spur of the moment to pass without saying how happy I am to spend it with Joshwin Adrian.

It started a little rough* my fault*, But He managed to keep up with my undeniably brutal attitude. He manage to remain as patient as ever. He’s like a father taking his 5 year old daughter to the carnival and sort of his height. I know he warm blooded like me, but HE IS JUST TOO PATIENT WITH ME. It’s crazy. He must have really love me. Enough for admiring him to much. I know how kilig he will be when I read this.

First Ride: The Flying Fiesta. It was so fun. I always love swings. I felt like I was in a boomerang.





DSC09857 (1)


Second ride: The tower ride. It was hilarious. It was like my soul was separated from my body. My heart pumped so quick like the way we were dropped by that tower. Josh and I held hands and shouted TOOOOOOOOOOT when that quick second clicked.

Third ride: Anchors away.HAHAHAHAHA. My Baby is such a pussy. He Shouted TAMA NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. And said BAKIT MAY GANOON? Yeah. I shouted too. BUT I ENJOYED IT. :))))


Fourth Ride: The Wheel of fate. I am not sure if its really the fourth. But THE VIEW was SO NICE. All I can say I can’t stop saying WAG KANG GAGALAW.:) I don’t want to fall.

5th ride or the 4th: The Jungle Log Jump. All I can say It was wet and wild.:) I couldn’t bring the camera so I don’t have pictures.

OHHHHHHHHHH I’m sleepy now.I’ll make this quick!

We watched RIALTO. I didn’t understand. But the 4d was fun. Ice AGED.
We went to the grand central station. HOW I WISH it was the real GRAND CENTRAL STATION.
We rode. Rio Grande Rapids- Long Line. Wet. FUn.
Then Roller Skaters. Easy Breezy for the beast couple.
Then Jungle Log Jump Again!

Last RIDE. Bump cars. last ride bump cars. weird. ahhahahahaha. Therefore I concluded, I have to hire a Driver.

We took pictures using MONOPOD. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Useful!

Thank you babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can sleep well now.

exploring the stratosphere.


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