Another bit of my insanity.

My Favorite Godmother asked me to make a 300 worded essay about anything in 30 minutes. I ended it on time but I think I sounded lame. Here it goes:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in a Student 

Nowadays, People depend on technology in their everyday lives like waking up from phone’s alarm, tweeting about how their day went and working on a science project for school. But we have to know the proper use of technology in order for it to function well. Is technology making us lazy? Or just doing things easier for us? I have listed some points of advantages and disadvantages of technology on a student.

When you have a school project, or you have to define something, before you have to look for books at the library to look for references. You have to write it down in paper which is a lot exhausting. But now to the use of technology, you can search for references in seconds by just typing the topic in a search engine in the World Wide Web. Another scenario is when you need you talk to someone far away, You will write him or her a letter which will take a long while before you receive and read it. But not through the use of the internet you just have to e mail him or her or even talk to him through Skype, just like meeting him face to face. We have to admit technology is saving our time, money, and even effort. We are far most productive because of it.

But we should look at what are disadvantages that technology was giving us. Sometimes we misuse technology, like staying long hours at night for Facebook, Twitter and Blogging and we forget to study our lessons. We tend to depend on the internet for all the work for our project. We forgot that we may refer to some books or just read some other useful materials. We also tend to forgot to communicate to other people personally instead we will just greet him or her to some social networking sites. Some sites also develop our young minds to wrong paths such as violence, crimes and even bullying.

In other to be responsible technology user, we need to balance our lives with or without technology install for us. We also have to depend to our own ideas and creativity not just from the internet. Technology is a gift to us humans. We need to use it wisely.


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