Tragic after Tragic.

Last night, I watched two movies in a row. Anna Karenina and One Day. I became interested of the two because of the lead actresses, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway.  I love Keira Knightley’s smile and smoking eyes. She is stunning. I love her in Pride and Prejudice, one of the most romantic movies I watched so far. And who can forget her portrayal in Pirates of the Caribbean? She is just great. Anne Hathaway,on the other hand, is fresh from her Oscar win as the best supporting actress to her brilliant portrayal in Les Miserables. 

Back to my story, I watched Anna Karenina first. At the beginning, I was really impressed by the production of the movie. It’s like a throwback to the 18th century. The movie was well-propped and has great script. But the story was full of sorrow, lust and humane imperfections. And it affects me so much which I think the aim of the movie. I was so sad to about the ending. *Spoiler alert. I really didn’t like it when the protagonist ended her life. I felt devastated. To feel good, I watched another movie which was One Day. A romantic movie. Actually I can relate to that because of “the best friends turned to lovers” kind of movie. Oh enough with that. Going back, I find the Leading man *I forgot his name* insanely hot and good-looking. The story was good. The lines touched me. I understand that pain and frustration of Emma(Anne) of loving her best friend Dexter who is taken her for granted. Their friendship really gone to a lot of struggles and even close to giving up everything they have and shared to each other. They are ready to move on and get their respective lives move forward separately. But in the end ,they still let their fate to progress and profess love for each other. I was touched by the story because it is about true love, sacrifice and friendship. Then boooooom *Spoiler Alert* Emma died. Tragic after tragic indeed.


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