On the verge of love and pain.

There’s no easy way to say your goodbyes especially to the one you love so much.Looking back, you’ll realize your mistakes,those stupid mistakes that you can’t change. You’ll feel the guilt because of those mistakes. You’ll find someone to blame but you’ll just end up blaming yourself. You’ll say to yourself these words: “You chose to broke that heart, you should deal with the consequences of the fruit of your stupidity. Smile and take pride”. Then you’ll start finding someone to lean on, someone who would catch you. But you’ll end up facing the days alone. Alone because you can’t take someone who you don’t truly love , Alone because you can’t hold on to someone when you shattered his heart into pieces. And Alone because you can’t be with someone who adores you for seeing the fake you. You can only move on when you decide to move on. And your first step is to admit your mistakes and forgive. Forgive yourself for walking away from the chance to be happy with someone you love. It’s the only way you can step forward and try to begin the next chapter of your life. Next chapter that doesn’t include the one you love. Accepting your lost will free you. And eventually will make you happy. Someday, you’ll thank yourself for doing that mistake because it made you who you are when you meet The One.


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