Feeling of contentment.

I love what I’m feeling now. I feel extremely happy without experiencing extreme events. Just things make me happy. Like meeting a friend, lending something and being of service to other people. I make sincere laughs ant more genuine smiles. I don’t have any special someone right now but I feel everyone is special to me. Every single one of them, Yes. Even my enemies. Then give color to my day as well. They give some kind of flavors and balance to my life. I think the fact that I worry less now and I expect less these days. Maybe that’s why. Ever since I read Max Lucado’s book about God, it made me re think things that make me sad and find the good sides of bad events. Maybe God made me see myself more, understand things that I questioned and give importance to the people and things that makes me a better person and contribute to my happiness. I love this feeling. Thank you, Lord God. For making me feel this way. For giving the an ordinary yet invigorating life. For making me enjoy simple yet positive things. Love Love Love. 🙂


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