Me as an open book.



My psychology teacher asks us to pick a representation of ourselves using a thing. There were so many things that came into my mind. A phone, Vintage necklace or a Tree but I ended up choosing a book, an open book really. A thick unfinished book. There are so many things similar to a book and my personality or even my whole life. First, There is saying that “Don’t judge to book by it’s cover.” And yes. It is applicable to me. My looks don’t define who I am. It is my personality that you have to discover to get to know me. Yes the cover is important but what is inside is the one that matters. You have to open the book and read what inside before you can say if it’s good or not. You have to take time to understand the words in it. Just like me, You need to get to know me better and take to be with me for you to understand the way I act and react on things. Some reader would find the book boring and some would enjoy reading it. The judgement depends upon the view of the readers. Some would like it and hate it.As well as me, Some people love me and some don’t. I believe that I can’t please everybody but you can try it by being good yet being true to yourself. The book will remain the same even though it was criticized or loved. Every page of the book represents my everyday life. Every day I am writing my own fortune and let God be my guide. The words in the book cannot be erased or edited as well as every word I say in reality. I can’t take it back that’s why I must be careful of every word that comes out in my mouth. The progress of the book is still on process and yet to be published.


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