Glimpse of my love.

Image I don’t really know how to start this since I am a girl who’s not cheesy and showy when it comes to my love life. I really don’t want anyone to know my feelings even if it’s super obvious. But I have to say this. I love him. I love everything about him, His flaws, his past, his awkward laugh, his awful singing voice(Sorry baby!) and even his big tummy. HAHAHAHA. Enough with this. I love this boy whom I disliked because of his bad habits. I don’t know when, how and why I love him. I just did. I just woke up one morning and realized I am happy hearing his voice each morning and see him smile. I know all his flaws and even the things he’s capable of doing. I know he’s capable of breaking me. But I trust him not to. I tried to deny my feelings for him. Even avoid this. Still I can’t. He’s a Gemini indeed. I just stopped fighting and allowed myself of loving him and be happy. We’re both complicated  people but want simple things and relationships. We are both kind of person who flirts around, not contented and always trying to find something better and new. We even believe that New is always better. But our search is over. We found each other. We found each other for a long time without realizing we are each other’s missing piece. He is Joshwin Adrian Duterte Garcia. He’s jolly, fun to be with and random person. Yes, he’s like me. HAHAHA. We understand the craziness of each other. We even support our very own weirdness. We are honest, straight forward. We talk like bestfriends, we act like children, we eat like monsters and we treat each other like buddies. He understands me. My mood swings, my slaps and even my freak out attitude. He just treats me how I want to be treated and love like I want to be loved. Summing all up, I’m in love. I am in love with him. I hope he won’t change a thing about himself. Because I love every piece of him. I love you,baby.  And Thank you for loving me back. 🙂 :* P.S Wag masyadong kiligin,baby.


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