I don’t know how to RESTART an honest, meaningful and detailed apology.

But I know how to make a long thank you note *again* hahaha( you’d know why ). Allow me to thank you for the following:

  • for being my punching bag and thank you for not punching back
  • for being my study buddy
  • for being my movie date
  • for being my partner in everything
  • for being my shoulder to cry on
  • for being my pillow and walking bed
  • for being my body guard
  • for being my time keeper
  • for opening the doors for me
  • for carrying stuffs for me
  • for giving me flower without any occasion, I find i sweet.
  • for liking every comment,post and picture I made in the social media
  • for making me breakfast
  • for buying me a ring that didn’t fit me hahaha and the bracelet that serves as my handcuff
  • for buying me food whenever I am hungry
  • for reminding me to take my medicine even I didn’t take them
  • for teaching me some of the lessons
  • for making me sweet notes during our Geotech class( opss!)
  • for walking to my Theory class hahaha
  • for making most of our COST ESTIMATE:)))) *iloveyou!
  • for combing me hair if I ask you too
  • for all the goodnight and goodmorning messages
  • for texting me whatever you do
  • for cooking me breakfast
  • for taking me home sometimes
  • for all your sweet posts on Facebook
  • for all your efforts
  • for the oh so corny slash romantic video on our 6th
  • for trying to sing in front of everyone
  • for being friends with my friends
  • for trying to be the guy I want( but you don’t have to because I love you just the way you are except for the smoking and swearing thingyyy)
  • for making me one of your priorities.
  • for including me in your future plans
  • for being patient and understanding
  • for believing in me in times when I myself don’t believe in me
  • for taking care of me
  • for loving me
  • for being proud of me when I am ashamed of myself
  • for making me trust people again
  • for being loyal to me ( YOU BETTER BE!!!! I WARN YOU!!!!)
  • for treating me like your princess everyday
  • for being a real life prince I never thought I’d have
  • for being you.

I can never complete that list. I won’t be able to finish. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for giving me a chance to love you the way you deserve to be loved. Thank you for fulfilling my wish to have a guy who would love me like I want to  be loved. i know I am not showy of my appreciation to your actions for honestly I appreciate every single one of them. I prayed for this to happen. And It did. I am happy with you. Don’t doubt yourself, I love you. Thank you for coming in to my life. Since September 8, 2013, I gave you the permission to make or break my heart. Baby, I know that we are not sure whether we’ll last or not. I know we’ll still have rough roads, strong storms on our relationship.You promise me on thing you should keep, you’ll not give this up. You’ll love me no matter what. I’ll promise to do the same. I love you, Joshwin Adrian Duterte Garcia, from your flaws and imperfections to your sweetness and charm.


PS* Behind the scene story

Restart because I have to retype this long message all over again and think of another long message because I didn’t hit the save the draft button and posted a wrong draft. and now it’s 4:47 AM *sorry! I love you babyyyy

Nowww hitting publish post… :)))



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