Enchanted day.

We waited for this day for months and I can say it now. It is worth the wait. We saved money for this and it worth every penny. I am very happy. I know I promised him that I will sleep now but I can’t waste this extravagant spur of the moment to pass without saying how happy I am to spend it with Joshwin Adrian.

It started a little rough* my fault*, But He managed to keep up with my undeniably brutal attitude. He manage to remain as patient as ever. He’s like a father taking his 5 year old daughter to the carnival and sort of his height. I know he warm blooded like me, but HE IS JUST TOO PATIENT WITH ME. It’s crazy. He must have really love me. Enough for admiring him to much. I know how kilig he will be when I read this.

First Ride: The Flying Fiesta. It was so fun. I always love swings. I felt like I was in a boomerang.





DSC09857 (1)


Second ride: The tower ride. It was hilarious. It was like my soul was separated from my body. My heart pumped so quick like the way we were dropped by that tower. Josh and I held hands and shouted TOOOOOOOOOOT when that quick second clicked.

Third ride: Anchors away.HAHAHAHAHA. My Baby is such a pussy. He Shouted TAMA NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. And said BAKIT MAY GANOON? Yeah. I shouted too. BUT I ENJOYED IT. :))))


Fourth Ride: The Wheel of fate. I am not sure if its really the fourth. But THE VIEW was SO NICE. All I can say I can’t stop saying WAG KANG GAGALAW. 🙂 I don’t want to fall.

5th ride or the 4th: The Jungle Log Jump. All I can say It was wet and wild. 🙂 I couldn’t bring the camera so I don’t have pictures.

OHHHHHHHHHH I’m sleepy now.I’ll make this quick!

We watched RIALTO. I didn’t understand. But the 4d was fun. Ice AGED.
We went to the grand central station. HOW I WISH it was the real GRAND CENTRAL STATION.
We rode. Rio Grande Rapids- Long Line. Wet. FUn.
Then Roller Skaters. Easy Breezy for the beast couple.
Then Jungle Log Jump Again!

Last RIDE. Bump cars. last ride bump cars. weird. ahhahahahaha. Therefore I concluded, I have to hire a Driver.

We took pictures using MONOPOD. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Useful!

Thank you babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can sleep well now.


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