I am feeling anguish. I am frustrated too. I am not in the position to rant about this but I can’t help but feel sorry for someone who has a terrible parent. I can’t really figure out why in the world made him a father if that is the way he will treat his child? Surely it is right to discipline  your child  but  why to extent that you are making your child that he is miserable, He is a bad person when you know that He is not. Why put in to that pain and coming from you as a parent. He is not a perfect child, He made extremely bad decisions but why make him feel that He is not loved and doesn’t deserve to be. That is bull shit. I can tell that perfection is not applicable to anybody but GOD. HE alone can judge you and say if you are worthy or not. I really can’t understand the logic of this person. I really can’t understand why he is like that. My heart is broken a million times because of him. I just pray that he will change and be the father he should have. A role model. A protector and A adviser. The father that I have. I realize ho lucky I am to have my family which I love and who loves me. If he is not loved by his family, he is always welcome to mine.




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