Break up.

This the worst part of the this relationship. I don’t expect that I would be writing about it. I loved him so much. Up until now, I still do. But he took me for granted, he wasted my love, he cheated on me. He gave up on me. He turned me to a woman I hated in my early years. I don’t blame him. I have my issues as well. I have my imperfections and flaws but it doesn’t give him the passport to ruin me, to make me feel bad about myself and about love and life. His feelings started to fade maybe because of my constant rants and selfishness. Maybe I was the one to blame in this. But I know for sure that I was not the one who stopped trying, I was not the one who gave up even though I am constantly hurting and I was not who stopped loving. I fought until the very end. I fought. I really did. I wanted to save the pointless relationship because I was afraid that I will end up alone and lonely who I am now. My mom always say don’t give your all, don’t love to much, have some enough for yourself and those advises I didn’t listen. I played all in. Without having some respect for myself. I know moving on will be so hard for me because of the memories we shared. But I figured out he threw it all away the moment he flirted with other girl, the moment he forgot he have me, the moment he gave up on me. I am crying so hard as I type this but I know that it will come a time that I will laugh about this and will make me say “Ang tanga ko pala dati!”. I know I can live and love again. I know that after this broken heart I will be okay. Free from every piece of it. I will be happy again. But now I will consider him the Will Tranor that left me alone in the dark. He gave up. He left me. He doesn’t love me anymore. That’s all I will remember for me to move on.I WILL BE OKAY. I HAVE TO BE. I NEED TO BE. AND I WANT TO BE.


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