I am that girl..

I am the girl who likes burgers and marshmallows. I am the girl who loves to sing and dance. I am the one who talks everything under the sun. The one who will listen to every single story of your life. The one who loves to read books and watch movies. The one who watches American series and Korean Dramas. The one who loves bacon and pizza. The one who dedicates her time to long sleeeeeps. The one who eats like a man. The one who loves long late night conversations. The one who will act like a kid when you are around. The one who wouldn’t mind the things from the past and future. The one who motivates and compliments you. The one who will do anything to make you feel loved and special. The one who is loyal and honest. The one who is strong and weak at the same time. The one appreciates any little thing you give her. The one who is thoughtful and caring. The one who gives all her strength to fight for the one she loves and believes in. I am that girl. I am not perfect, But I know I am more than enough.


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