Thought 01

You act as if you don’t know me. You act as if we are enemies. I am stupid to feel this way when the only thing I want is to be okay. I know you want your freedom which you have now. Like you always say you wanted it. You grasp for fresh air. Something new. Something that would excite you. It’s like you saying that you just didn’t find yourself happy with me anymore. I am glad you figure it all out. Because I feel empty too. A relationship that is full of broken promises,lies and betrayal was really not worth crying for. Wasting precious time on things that eventually would
tear you apart will just destroy everything that is good and valuable in you. I believe that whatever your real reason is,you are happy you made free from me. Eventually I will be too. I will thank you for giving up on me. I will thank you for not loving me. Because firing me to a job that I know I am good at is the most stupid decision you did in your life. I am good at loving people. Stop saying sorry. Feel sorry for yourself.


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