When someone asks to court me, I always say are you sure? You don’t know what you’re putting yourself into. He will usually insist. Then I will give him a chance. Then always prove me right in the end. That he can’t. They just can’t handle me and all my other personalities. I am possessive,brat,childish and attention seeker. One thing about me is I am not good at lying. I usually get caught when I tell lies so I prefer to tell the truth. You can read me like a bold times new roman. Thus, I hate lies. I always say that just say upright truth than to tell lies. I will give you my one hundred percent trust but once I caught you lying that will be the beginning of your misery. I will become suspicious,insecure, demanding and everything that you don’t want me to be. I am strangely random girl who will crack fights in the middle of the street and kiss you sorrys the minute after. I am lunatic. Like my sister Tay used to describe herself,”Cause baby,I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” So darling,save yourself. Save yourself from me. 


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