A letter for my bestfriend

This is what you deserve, my dear. You deserve nothing but kind words from a man who appreciates your beauty and worth. You deserve affection when days become sturdy and difficult because you are a fighter in every season. You deserve to be treated to be a queen that you are, not a princess to be rescued in a tower, since you are independent and rules her own kingdom of mind. You deserve kindness since you are kind. You deserve to be a priority because you are one of the few people that can makes someone feel important even they believe they are not. You deserve someone who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself and not someone will make you feel bad about yourself. You deserve someone who value your existence and enjoys it. You deserve someone who will pattern his life just to be with you. You deserve to be included to his plans and wishes to be yours one day since he’s scared of losing you. You deserve someone who is loyal and trustworthy because you are keeper. You deserve someone who will make you trust in love again and will make you realize why things turned out the way they were, the good and bad. Please don’t settle with the love you don’t deserve. Please find a way to be happy because you are amazing and any guy will be lucky to have you. Love will always find a way to people who deserves it. And Honey, I know you are one of them.


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