Me as an open book.



My psychology teacher asks us to pick a representation of ourselves using a thing. There were so many things that came into my mind. A phone, Vintage necklace or a Tree but I ended up choosing a book, an open book really. A thick unfinished book. There are so many things similar to a book and my personality or even my whole life. First, There is saying that “Don’t judge to book by it’s cover.” And yes. It is applicable to me. My looks don’t define who I am. It is my personality that you have to discover to get to know me. Yes the cover is important but what is inside is the one that matters. You have to open the book and read what inside before you can say if it’s good or not. You have to take time to understand the words in it. Just like me, You need to get to know me better and take to be with me for you to understand the way I act and react on things. Some reader would find the book boring and some would enjoy reading it. The judgement depends upon the view of the readers. Some would like it and hate it.As well as me, Some people love me and some don’t. I believe that I can’t please everybody but you can try it by being good yet being true to yourself. The book will remain the same even though it was criticized or loved. Every page of the book represents my everyday life. Every day I am writing my own fortune and let God be my guide. The words in the book cannot be erased or edited as well as every word I say in reality. I can’t take it back that’s why I must be careful of every word that comes out in my mouth. The progress of the book is still on process and yet to be published.


Feeling of contentment.

I love what I’m feeling now. I feel extremely happy without experiencing extreme events. Just things make me happy. Like meeting a friend, lending something and being of service to other people. I make sincere laughs ant more genuine smiles. I don’t have any special someone right now but I feel everyone is special to me. Every single one of them, Yes. Even my enemies. Then give color to my day as well. They give some kind of flavors and balance to my life. I think the fact that I worry less now and I expect less these days. Maybe that’s why. Ever since I read Max Lucado’s book about God, it made me re think things that make me sad and find the good sides of bad events. Maybe God made me see myself more, understand things that I questioned and give importance to the people and things that makes me a better person and contribute to my happiness. I love this feeling. Thank you, Lord God. For making me feel this way. For giving the an ordinary yet invigorating life. For making me enjoy simple yet positive things. Love Love Love. 🙂

On the verge of love and pain.

There’s no easy way to say your goodbyes especially to the one you love so much.Looking back, you’ll realize your mistakes,those stupid mistakes that you can’t change. You’ll feel the guilt because of those mistakes. You’ll find someone to blame but you’ll just end up blaming yourself. You’ll say to yourself these words: “You chose to broke that heart, you should deal with the consequences of the fruit of your stupidity. Smile and take pride”. Then you’ll start finding someone to lean on, someone who would catch you. But you’ll end up facing the days alone. Alone because you can’t take someone who you don’t truly love , Alone because you can’t hold on to someone when you shattered his heart into pieces. And Alone because you can’t be with someone who adores you for seeing the fake you. You can only move on when you decide to move on. And your first step is to admit your mistakes and forgive. Forgive yourself for walking away from the chance to be happy with someone you love. It’s the only way you can step forward and try to begin the next chapter of your life. Next chapter that doesn’t include the one you love. Accepting your lost will free you. And eventually will make you happy. Someday, you’ll thank yourself for doing that mistake because it made you who you are when you meet The One.


“I love everyth…

“I love everything about her, and I’m not a guy who says that lightly. I am a guy who has faked love his entire life. I thought love was just something idiots thought they felt, but this woman has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to. And there have been times that I wanted to. It has been overwhelming, and humbling. And even painful, at times. But I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I am hopelessly, irretrievably, in love with her. More than she knows.”—Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

I am not a fan of relationships but hearing this quote from a character in a comedy series(no ordinary comedy series) who had been broken and disappointed a number times, makes me believe that somehow, somewhere I will find the one for me, quoting Ted Mosby. I’d like someone who will not make me chose between my best friends or him *Victoria, someone who I can trust *Quinn and especially someone who is not dumb *Nick. I would prefer someone who understands me and love me when I think I don’t deserve it *Kevin or someone who I tell secrets to like Lily, someone who can be sweet like Marshall, someone who’s independent as Robin, someone as romantic as Ted and of course someone as Awesome as Barney. Hahaha. I guess I won’t find that guy in this kind of world but if I got lucky and I did,I am one hell of jackpot winner. Hey the one. No pressure. *wink!


How I Met Your Mother Recap: The Mother Is Revealed (and Watch the Fateful Scene Again)

Oh mother of all awesomeness, Say Hello!


How I Met Your Mother Mother RevealedWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Read on at your own risk!

A day after Mother’s Day — and not a day too soon — How I Met Your Mother gave viewers the best present ever: a real glimpse of the titular mom (who appears to be played by Cristin Milioti from the Broadway musical Once)!

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The big reveal comes on the heels of Ted announcing to Lily that he’s finished renovating his house “just like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook” – and he promptly plans to sell it and move to Chicago! After failing to find love in New York, the eternal bachelor has decided that maybe The One is in Chi-Town. So the day after Robin and Barney’s…

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Operation Make Myself Positive (Day One)

On the bus this Monday morning,it just popped out in my head that when I make a mistake,I know it’s a mistake but I do it anyway. So to keep my promise that I’d make myself positive. I’ll start doing what I think is right and would make myself and the people around me happy. 

Good communication is a key to a great relationship.I want to keep up with my father who is working abroad. A chat and a small conversation will do. I am happy that I will make my father happy. May God help me with my mission. 🙂


Another bit of my insanity.

My Favorite Godmother asked me to make a 300 worded essay about anything in 30 minutes. I ended it on time but I think I sounded lame. Here it goes:

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in a Student 

Nowadays, People depend on technology in their everyday lives like waking up from phone’s alarm, tweeting about how their day went and working on a science project for school. But we have to know the proper use of technology in order for it to function well. Is technology making us lazy? Or just doing things easier for us? I have listed some points of advantages and disadvantages of technology on a student.

When you have a school project, or you have to define something, before you have to look for books at the library to look for references. You have to write it down in paper which is a lot exhausting. But now to the use of technology, you can search for references in seconds by just typing the topic in a search engine in the World Wide Web. Another scenario is when you need you talk to someone far away, You will write him or her a letter which will take a long while before you receive and read it. But not through the use of the internet you just have to e mail him or her or even talk to him through Skype, just like meeting him face to face. We have to admit technology is saving our time, money, and even effort. We are far most productive because of it.

But we should look at what are disadvantages that technology was giving us. Sometimes we misuse technology, like staying long hours at night for Facebook, Twitter and Blogging and we forget to study our lessons. We tend to depend on the internet for all the work for our project. We forgot that we may refer to some books or just read some other useful materials. We also tend to forgot to communicate to other people personally instead we will just greet him or her to some social networking sites. Some sites also develop our young minds to wrong paths such as violence, crimes and even bullying.

In other to be responsible technology user, we need to balance our lives with or without technology install for us. We also have to depend to our own ideas and creativity not just from the internet. Technology is a gift to us humans. We need to use it wisely.


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